Unlock the value of your content

Pik has no up front charges, can be added to most sites in under an hour, and makes selling anything from premium articles and content to paid ad-free access a breeze!

Payments and much more

Pik handles sign-ups billing, renewals, support, refunds, and more – leaving you to focus on your business

No payment too small

Cost-effective even for small payments, making it possible to charge for single articles or short term subscriptions

Simple, flexible integration

Thoughtfully designed and feature rich client APIs mean server or client side integration usually takes under an hour

Plays well with others

Works with your existing CMS, analytics and advertising providers, and emerging standards like AMP

One account, everywhere

Customers use a single Pik account. Once they've signed up, it takes just 2 clicks to buy safely from any Pik enabled site

Readers always come first

With included privacy controls and no-quibble refunds, Pik is the easiest and safest way to support journalism online


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Discover why Pik is the best way to sell content online

Pik is fantastic for readers, but it's also been designed from the start with you in mind. We recognise the value publishers bring and aim to provide tools that give you complete flexibility and a great user experience with little to no coding or admin overhead.

  • Redefine subscriptions

    Turning ephemeral traffic into subscriptions is hard. Pik lets you experiment with subscription lengths & pricing to find the right plan for your customers.

  • A premium experience for loyal and ad-sensitive readers

    Offer readers the option to pay to remove or reduce ads on your site. We can even detect ad-blockers and provide the option to instantly pay for those who don't want to disable them.

  • Charge for anything on your site directly

    Quickly set up one-off payments for access to any high-value articles, feature supplements, back issues, or analysis and research tools.

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