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Bringing the newsstand into the 21st century

At Pik we believe great journalism is worth paying for but that current models – a hangover from the days when news came on paper – aren't working for publishers or readers.

Pik takes inspiration from modern platforms like app stores and streaming TV services to provide access to news, entertainment and insight on your terms with flexible pricing and no long term commitments.

  • Quick and easy

    Purchase content with two clicks and get access immediately. One account works across all Pik Publishers and you can login to view your content on any device with a browser.

  • No surprises

    Pik shows you the full details of what you're buying up front, and lets you modify or cancel subscriptions at any time from your account page. If you're not happy for any reason, let us know and we'll refund you.

  • Respects your privacy

    Pik puts you in control of your data. You choose whether to share your data with publishers and can change your mind in the future with our control panel. Publishers only see a unique identifier that can't be tracked across sites.

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