Journalism sold & delivered in one click

Fully integrated with your site, Pik removes the frustration of lengthy sign-up and payment flows, allowing single click purchases with no intermediate screens or browser refresh.

Discover and unlock the value of your content

Pik helps you find a price your readers are willing to pay, giving you access to more potential paying customers than ever whilst leaving you in complete control of your site & articles.

  • Redefine subscriptions

    Turning ephemeral traffic into subscriptions is hard. Pik lets you experiment with subscription lengths & pricing to find the right plan for your customers.

  • A premium experience for loyal and ad-sensitive readers

    Offer readers the option to pay to remove or reduce ads on your site. We can even detect ad-blockers and provide the option to instantly pay for those who don't want to disable them.

  • Charge for anything on your site directly

    Quickly set up one-off payments for access to any high-value articles, feature supplements, back issues, or analysis and research tools.


Designed for digital creators and publishers

Pik is built from the ground up to enable new business models for digital content. It provides flexibility and seamless integration for publishers of all sizes.

More than just payments

We can handle sign-ups, billing, failed payments, support, and refunds — allowing you to focus on writing & growing your readership.

No payment too small

Cost-effective even for small payments, making it possible to charge for single articles or microsubscriptions.

Respects your choices

Complements your existing setup, working on its own or alongside your current CMS, analytics and even existing payment provider.

One account works everywhere

Users have a single account across all sites. Signing up takes seconds. Verified payment details mean payment takes 1 click.

Less code = quicker results

Simple client and server libraries make integration a breeze and provide value added features like paywalls and adblock detection out of the box.

Readers always come first

With included privacy controls and no-quibble refunds, Pik is the easiest and safest way to support journalism online